One of Yasutaka Tsutsui’s best-known and most popular works in his native Japan, The Girl Who Leapt Through Time is the story of fifteen-year-old schoolgirl Kazuko, who accidentally discovers that she can leap back and forth in time. In her quest to uncover the identity of the mysterious figure that she believes to be responsible for her paranormal abilities, she’ll have to push the boundaries of space and time, and challenge the notions of dream and reality.

Just finished this in a cafe. I am a big fan of the anime that came out some time back but sadly this pales in comparison. The prose and plot feel almost like kid’s stuff with not much depth. The characters feel under-developed. I would highly recommend the anime instead. In reading this, I realize writer/director Mamoru Hosoda managed to distill the important elements in the book and made an outstanding anime about first love and time travel. I have seen this at the cinema, on DVD and on Blu-ray. There is also a movie version some time back but it didn’t matchup to the anime. I know people always say the book is always better than the film but IMO it’s not true here. Watch the anime instead.